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    Converting mobile to tablet




      I originally bought the Sling Player for android for my tablet, when I did this I read they were going to optimise the player for the tablet which was good and I was ok to wait. Buy I just did a check to see on the progress, and I find that there is indeed an improved version but the app has been split up in to two. I'm currently left with the mobile one and I have to pay yet more money for the tablet one which is what I originally wanted to use it for.


      Is there a way to transfer my payment cost from the mobile app to the tablet app? I have no intension of using the player on my mobile, its always used on my tablet in a wifi environment to get a decent picture. I feel a little let down having not had this mentioned a while ago when I bought the player for my android tablet. Had I know I would have waited and only paid once


      Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.