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    Unable to connect to my Slingbox Solo


      I have been using my Slingbox Solo for several months and all of a sudden I started getting the message in the attached file when trying to access my Slingbox.  My wife is getting the same message on her computer when trying access the same Slingbox.  I have confirmed that the Slingbox is on.  I'm not sure what firewall or router setting may have changed.  I have not changed either myself.  Any help is appreciated.



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          Hi rhebard,


          In this case and as a first step, make sure the network light of the Slingbox is on.


          Besides that, you can reset the Slingbox and set it up once again. Also, make sure that the Slingbox is connected directly to the router, not using a wireless bridge or alike, just to troubleshoot.


          How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings


          Also, make sure that the router is up to date and assigning an IP address to the Slingbox.


          If the problem is still the same after that, you can post the results here.