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    Help in connecting to SkyHD + box


      Good evening, I'm a new user of this and looking for some help please. I can't get all component cables connected to the above Sky box and wonder if anyone can tell me how to configure. Currently I have the red, green and blue cable connected to the SB and then into the red, white and yellow on the Sky box. I have a video feed to my Mac but it's black and white and poor quality and no audio as I've nowhere now on the Ske box to plug in the red and white audio cable supplied


      Thanks, Mike

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          alanrichey42 Master

          You cannot use the component system on Sky+HD boxes as they don't provide the output.  You have to use the Composite (red/yellow/white) outputs.   I am a bit surprised you have red/yellow/white plugs on your Sky box though, mine only has a dual SCART system so I have to use a SCART/RCA adaptor.   Are you sure those plugs are output and not input ?   If they are outputs then simply connect the red/white/yellow plugs to the red/white/yellow plug on the Slingbox and configure the composite input.

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            OvCollyer Apprentice

            Which model of Sky+HD box is it?


            Since you've posted in the Slingbox Pro-HD forum I assume you have one of those and want to get HD from your Sky box to your Slingbox?


            On the newer Sky boxes there is only an HDMI out (i.e. there is no component out), in which case you'll need to buy an adaptor like the HD Fury which will convert the HDMI to the component in on your Slingbox. This will give you an HD signal.


            If it's an older Sky+ HD box then you should be able to just connect the component out of the Sky box to the component in of the Slingbox.