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    Sling box viewing via ipad2 on Verizon 3G network


      How does viewing a tv show ( e.g. A college football game)     affect data usage for my Verizon data plan? How much download data does it use?

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          Hi douglasberger, the article below may help to answer your question.


          I have a limited data plan, can I use a Slingbox?



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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              The Sling Media person responds that "it depends" when you look at the link mentioned in the response, which is the (truly) correct answer.


              But to give you some ballpark estimates, I will note here that my digital video recorder transmits about 700 megabytes per hour of TV program streamed at standard definition.   And my ISP has a monthly cap on their standard data package of about 250 gigabytes per month.    If I were to use more than that, they would starting "urging" me to upgrade my service to a higher-cost "business" data plan.  But since I don't come anywhere near streaming 350 hours per month of SB TV, it has not been an issue for me.


              But, if you have a smartphone data plan with, say, a 20 gigabyte per month data transfer limit, AND the amount of data streamed to the phone is also near my typical 700 megabytes streamed per TV hour, (a number that I can not attest to, since I don't have an iPad), then you might very well be affected by data plan limitations with such a 28 TV hours per month equivalent to reach that 20 GB streaming point.