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    Trouble with multiple inputs to Slingbox


      I have a Slingbox-ProHD and I'm a Mac user. I also have DIRECTV. I sucessfully set up my Slingbox to work with composite cables -- it works great. Now I'm trying to configure my Slingbox to have a coaxial input as well. That way, when somebody is watching TV at home, I can switch to the coaxial input and watch basic cable (in this case, basic satellite?) without disturbing them.


      I have plugged the coaxial cable from the wall into the Slingbox, and from there, run another coaxial cable to my DIRECTV box. From there, I have an HDMI cable that plugs into my TV.


      When I tried to configure the coaxial input online, I chose "cable" from the three options (the other options were "external box" or "antenna") and ran a quick scan on my channels. After scanning for several minutes, it didn't find any.


      Help! My coaxial cables seem to be plugged in right because I'm still getting a picture on my TV. Will coaxial from DIRECTV work, or does it only work with basic cable?