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    suggestions needed


      Hi people,

      I have recently purchased a slingbox solo and after setting it up my greatest problem is setting up a remote to control my dvd recorder.

      The remotes already stored within the setup program do not cover my device.

      I have tried many times to build a custom remote using the remote learning tool but after creating it and testing it i log onto my slingbox only to find some or all of the buttons do not work, if i return to the remote learning tool it does not appear to be edited so i have to start again which is time consuming and frustrating.

      I have searched for answers throughout the faq's and the forum as it stands, i have followed the links that lead to many remotes already created by others without success.

      This would not be such a problem if the remote learning tool would remember my remote and it would work beyond the initial test upon creation.

      My dvd recorder is a Samsung DVD-SH871M. Alternative dvd player is a Samsung DVD-V5600 neither have known remotes available.

      If anyone can advise me on why i cannot get a successfully working remote i would be grateful, if i cannot cure this i will be returning it as unsuitable.



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          nl0pat2 Newbie

          On remotes.slingbox.com after you created the remote, it will give you the oppurtunity to test the remote control.

          Is that test succesful ?

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              Thank you for taking the time to answer but i don't think you understood what i have said, which was......... after testing.........  it did work and then going to watch the slingbox it does not work, in one case the power button amongst others was greyed out which completely stopped any further function cos i could not turn it on.

              The buttons all work during testing but not in true use, to be honest i have spent more time programming remotes than actually watching anything, and this is only the home test where i have access to the box and remote, if i am away and i lose access it becomes useless.

              Once again thank you for trying.