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    Since the software update. The picture is there for a short time then goes blank but the audio still stays there


      The whole thing isn't working very well anymore, ever since I was asked to update the slingbox software a couple days ago.


      It starts normally, it finds my slingbox, it connects and works fine from a couple seconds up to a couple minutes. And then the picture turns into a green or purple screen and you can't see the picture anymore. You can still hear the new audio just fine when you switch the channels. I tried to go full screen, the player window... and it just remains that blank way. I disconnected the power a couple times from the sling box and restarted my computer. Everything without any success of fixing the problem.


      The satellite receiver works just fine. I can see the picture continuesly on my TV.


      Did anybody have the problem or know how to fix this?


      Thank and Regards