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    Can anyone tell me why  my Slingbox Pro-HD logo light continually on?


      Can someone please tell me why my Slingbox Pro-HD logo is continually on and NOT blinking? It will not respond to the reset button (being pushed in for at least a minute).


      Many thanks.

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          Hi bobbyklein, here is some information about the lights of the Slingbox.


          About the lights on the front of the Slingbox



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              thank you for taking the time to reply to me. However, your answer didn't really help me and please allow me to explain why. My Slingbpx Pro-HD logo, that inverted horseshoe, when it is normally "on" it flashes and blinks. The horseshoe logo is made up of a series of small led's and they all flash really fast one after the other in succession.


              In my case, all of the led's are switched "on" at the same time, and are remaining "on" as well. I can't find any reference to this type of activity with the unit's lights anyplace on the Slingbox web site and I don't know where else to look. And perhaps the fact that no one is or has answered my posting on this forum maybe indicates that no one else has had this particular issue either.


              All I know is my SlingboxPro-HD unit was working just fine. I have never had any problem with it before until I downloaded and tried to install the most current update through the Slingbox web site. That's when all this trouble started. I have tried repeatedly pressing the reset button in the back of the unit, but that doesn't do a thing. I can't even reset it now back to the original factory settings.


              I tried uninstalling all of the Slingbox data on my computer[s], but that didn't do anything either. And being a severely disabled American living entirely on a meager SSDI annuity, I can't afford Slingbox's outrageous tech support charges. I find this particularly disturbing, being a loyal customer all these years; but especially since my problem began when I tried to download and install one of their updates. From my perspective, I didn't do anything wrong here, this company made a mistake some place, they won't admit it, they won't fix it, and they won't help those customers of theirs who've been affected.


              The main reason why getting this resolved is so important to me is this: I am often in and out of the hospital because of my disability, and because I am a senior American. I rely on my Slingbox while in the hospital, because who can afford any hospital's outrageous TV charges these days? \


              Now, all of a sudden, my Slingbox won't work and I can't figure out why. Usually I am pretty quick on the uptake, and I can figure this stuff out, but this issue has me totally stumped and I can't figure any of it out Even if I could just "reset" the unit and start all over, but pressing the reset button has no affect. Also, trying the power-down cycle has no affect. These are the two basic "moves" that tech support starts out having you do, and neither are working.


              My unit isn't all that old. I can't see how it couldn have failed already, but obviously something is wrong.


              CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME?  thanks.