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    Slingbox HD-PRO & Direct TV Remote Control problems


      I have direct tv at home with a Direct TV HD-DVR, a slingbox HD-Pro, and I am using Internet explorer with windows 7 home premium with the slingbox plugin.

      When I use the internet-Direct TV remote control from  the IE/slingbox page to watch my I receive an error message which says

      "Your TV or its cables are not HD!" "On the remote control, press and hold down the EXIT key until you see a confirmation that your receiver has been set for standard definition."

      At home I have someone watching the screen while I try the remote control. The person at home does not see the above message.

      Everytime I push the buttons on the Direct TV remote control I receive the message.

      Anyone have a solution?

      Anyone know how to report the bug in the slingbox plugin to slingbox?