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    cannot connect SB through slinglink


      All connections are good, solid signal between slinglinks new wires to router and SB.  Left light blinking and upside down U flashes slowly on and off.  Any Ideas?

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          I have the same problem. Have just swapped a slingbox pro for a slingbox pro HD. Slinglink worked fine on the old unit but on the new unit the network light just blinks while the Sling logo glows brighter and dimmer. Have checked all the connections, reset the Pro HD any number of times as well as the router a couple of times. Have even swapped out the Slinglink and tried to attach the SB to an Airport Express. That didn't work either. Is there any way to assign an IP address to the SB manually?

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            Hi Eddie076 & willis67,


            We understand that you guys are experiencing issues setting up the Slingbox using the SlingLinks. It's necessary first to confirm if the issue is being caused by the network, the Slingbox or the SlingLinks.


            First, you can connect the Slingbox directly to the router and then reset it, just to confirm if you get two solid lights on the Slingbox. Doing this you will know if the trouble is with the Slingbox or the network at home. If this works, run the Setup at slingbox.comand then take the unit to the other room and attach it to the SlingLinks to verify if you start experiencing the flashing lights issues again. Please perform the steps that you will find here to verify if the SlingLinks are not working properly:


            A guide to basic SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO troubleshooting


            More SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO troubleshooting


            Regards and I hope this helps.