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    Different viewing methods yield different results

    sodoff Newbie

      Just hooked up (to replace) a Slingbox PRO HD in the UK attached to a Humax HD Freeview box.


      - Works poorly (as expected) using SlingPlayer Ver 1.x (old!) but connects and shows pic.

      - Using SlingPlayer it simply will not connect .. it does for a spilt second, shows remote control, which then diosappears, then says it cannot connect.

      - Connects fine using SlingCatcher. Freezes quite a bit especially when switching to HD mode. Had to remove Slingbox from mains to get it to reconnect after attempt with Ver 2.

      - Connects and shows video fine using slingbox.com


      What should one use to watch Slingbox PRO HD on?

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          I discovered that for me, living in CH, but SB hosted in California, that I get the best speeds when watching on slingbox.com.  I get HD quality on slingbox.com, and just nearly get it with slingplayer (newer one), but the difference is totally recognizable.  It like flips from high quality to HD quality. I only discovered this when my slingplayer, which i normally used, was not working and started using on slingbox.com.  I have no insights as to why, but with slingbox these days, unfortunatley, you cant question and just be happy it works.