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    Lost Slingcatcher Power Cable

    Anniel Newbie

      I have a Slingbox and a slingcatcher. The slingbox is in UK and the slingcatcher here in St.Lucia. When my son moved house he lost the Power cable to the Catcher. I bought the slingcatcher in UK and brought it here.


      Can I buy the cable in UK online store and get it sent to St.Lucia or should I buy a USA one on Ebay?


      Is the voltage on the power cable the same in both countries or must I buy the UK version in order to make the Slingcatcher work?


      Grateful for some help.





        • Re: Lost Slingcatcher Power Cable

          Hi Anniel,


          I understand that you need to get a new power supply cable for the SlingCatcher. The UK and the US adapter for this device work in the same way, the only difference is the pins since they have different plugs. So I recommend that you check the plug type in St. Lucia so you can be sure which one would work properly or if you need to get an adapter for the plug.


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