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    Port Forwarding


      I am able to connect without any issues from all my devices, however, when I run set-up the system tells me I could receive better performance if I use port forwarding, however, my router Actiontec Q1000 (which is a router/modem), is not listed and when I find the port forwarding section in it, it does not match with the instructions listed on slingbox.com. First question, since I seem to be having no issues connecting, should I even worry about this? If so does anyone have specific instructions for this router?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          Typically router configuration is needed for remote viewing to function properly (or even at all in most sistuations).


          If your router is not listed in the setup of the slingbox, click on the advanced or manual setup option filling in the required information. When completed, open port 5001 in your router to the internal ip address assigned to the slingbox and you should be good to go....