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    Connecting a CCTV camera to SOLO


      A CCTV camera can be used on the slingbox Solo using the video in connector. Other devices can be connected over S-video or composite video. Switching between sources is slightly cumbersome though since you need to go over the set up procedure to choose tnput. This can only be done on a PC or MAc since ipad safari or the ipad slingplayer do not allow you to perform set up. Video is shown direcrtly as one chooses that input, sat tv likewise as one choses composite (if it's connected there). However, one has to go throough the whole set up procedure to make the remote work for the sat receiver.


      With the Pro HD each input can be configured separately and then chosen on ipad/iphone. A video cam with S-video output can be used together with a simpler CCTV camera plus then the sat receiver. Need to get a Pro HD.


      Edit: So i thought. However, the trick is to have both inputs fully set up. I now tested with the canal digital HD receiver on composite and the Handan CDC 5050 sold by Canal Digital as a secondary home receiver, This receiver only has SCART connectors for video output,so I used a scart to video/stereo cable with three RCA connectors to connect to the Slingbox. I had to choose the Handan 7000 in order to get a remote during set up. It's slightly different but works over the slingbox anyhow.


      Using the Watch browser and choosing the input option, it is possible to switch inputs without going through set up. And I replaced the Handan video connector with the video output from a video cam. It works well, , Also, it is possible to switch devices on the ipad Slingplayeras well as on the iphone Slingplayer. Sound input is not switched by selecting devices so if the CCTV has sound, it will be heard also when watching TV on the composite input,


      One could actually use a third input if it's with S-video provided that the set up procedure will be acomplished, I used an old analogue Video camera for one input and could use a slightly newer Sony digital video cam with S-vide output as the second video cam source, .

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          The Solo allows you to switch devices through Slingplayer provided you've gone through the full set up procedure for each of the three input options.


          A S-video to RCA adapter (male on S-video end) can be used to input a composite signal into the Slingbox S-video port, allowing for the third device option.The adapter works in reverse also. As stated previously, all stages of set up have to be performed. I used a second instance of a Handan sat receiver. This receiver has only scart ports, but the Slingbox doesn't know this and it works since one doesn't use the remote anyhow.


          I can now quickly shift between two CCTV cameras and the sat receiver using Slingplayer on ipad or iphone.



          Unfortunately, there is no separation of sound between the three inputs. I'll use remote switching with a Tellstick (Telldus.com)connected to a Dovado UMR router for this, powering the CCTV cameras on and off over the internet with a iphone/ipad application made for the Tellstick. Instead, a small relay could be used to switch between audio inputs. With the same remote operation, I can also power the slingbox on and off for it to reboot in case there is a problem.