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    Can no longer access my Echostar


      Help! I am in Australia and have been using my Echostar with no problems for the month I have been here.


      Last night (on a Win 7, IE9 laptop). I opened www.slingbox.com and clicked the 'watch' tab as usual and was notified that there was a new version of WebSlingPlayer (version 1.5.71580). This duly installed without any problem and (having closed IE), it then reopened it and connected to my Echostar and we watched a programme.


      Now (having turned the laptop on and off) I cannot access the Echostar.


      When you click the 'watch' tab you get a 'Do you have a Slingbox for setup for watching?' message.




      When you click the 'watch' tab you get 'Checking your account, please wait' message.


      Either way you then get a 4 field screen with :-

      Name your Slingbox

      Enter Slingbox ID

      OR Enter IP Address (presumably AND) Port


      Well I've input the name I've already given (and been using) for my Echostar and I've put in the Slingbox ID.


      It then asks for the password and after a while says it has failed to log on.


      Please can anybody help with what we do now 'cos we are here in Australia and were so enjoying watching the Echostar and we seem to have been stuffed by a mandatory software update when we were happy bunnies as we were before?


      thanks ... .


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          Hi mogmartin,


          I noticed that you are having issues connecting to your SlingLoaded HDS-600RS from a remote location. If it is not saved on your Sling Account you might experience issues connecting to it, also you might need to check on the Slingbox settings.


          Feel free to use the following links as a reference for the troubleshooting steps:


          Want to add a new Slingbox to your Sling Account?

          I can't connect to my HDS-600RS



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              Hi Cristina,


              The 2nd link is just about not being able to connect when I'm at home, which I'm not. The Echostar box is in the UK and I'm in Australia.


              The 1st link is about adding a slingbox to my sling account. It is already there.


              Wheh I select the slingbox in my directory it says ... connecting ... and then says ...there was an error connecting ... do you want to retry yes or no.


              If I select No, it says ... checking your account, please wait ... and then reverts to the slingbox selection screen.


              The only other options are 'rescan' or 'edit proxy settings'.


              As I said in my previous post, everything was absolutely fine until WebSlingPlayer (version 1.5.71580) was mandatorily installed.


              I am using this F48AA7CE47BE304E8F5B2ADF8DD4F493 as the ID. Does this look like a sensible ID?