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    Strange Login Problem

    Skoller Newbie

      Yesterday I downloaded SlingPlayer Mobile for my iPad and it was working fine. Today, when I try to login, it's telling me that my my email address or password is wrong. I've tried my Admin password and my User password and turned the "admin" option on and off. I've also deleted and reinstalled the App. I'm certain my email address and password are right b/c I checked them (and re-entered them about 10 times) and I also use them to log in via my laptop (and in any event, they worked fine all day yesterday). One thing is strange though, if I cancel out, I am able to log in by using my Finder ID, with both my user and admin passwords.


      Now, the only thing I have done since yesterday is I have also downloaded this App on my iPhone. Is it possible that the problem arises b/c I am using the App on two mobile devices?

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          hmiller Newbie

          Hey Skoller


          There are sooooo many different passwords... I run into the same problem pretty often...


          most of the time with me, i am trying to log in to my sling account with my slingbox password or the other way around.


          so, if you are trying to log in to the slingplayer mobile, the password you should be using is your sling account password. not your slingbox password (either of them).


          I hope that helps.

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              I have set up a second account, now all my passwords are the same...and I still get "the email ID or password you entered is not valid. Please try again." message. I am currently logged into slingbox.com successfully so I know the password and corresponding ID is correct. Please help.


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