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    SlingLink with Dishnetwork DVR security question


      Dishnetwork installed a SlingLink Turbo W1 to my router so the DVR(VIP722K) can be connected to the Internet. I have a couple questions regarding the security of this setup:


      1. With the SlingLink Turbo W1 device connecting to my home electrical system, anyone with another Slinklink Turbo W1 device can plug into my outdoor power outlet, and get onto my network. Is there anyway to secure this?


      2. I have since bought another SlingLink Turbo W1 and have downloaded the SlingLink utility so I can enter the password to secure the connection on the second device. But once this is set up, my DVR-VIP722K can no longer get onto the internet. I can't seem to find a way to get the utility to see the 'internal' device inside the DVR.