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    Remote reset and reboot your Slingbox


      I believe that most of Slingbox users experience some problems to connect Slingbox remotely, if it required to reboot the Slingbox and you cannot get anyone to help us to press the power button, there is no way for us to fix the problem.  I searched across this forum, there is only one solution:



      However, Telldus is an expensive solution and it also required to have extra hardwares to use it.  Therefore, I look for a cheaper and more cost efficient option, I found this product:



      Smartpower is a simple IP based power switch, you could switch on and off any device remotely, I ordered one Smartpower 4L, it costs about USD200, it came with 4 sockets, you could power on / off / reboot the Slingbox remotely.


      The initial setup is not difficult, but it is not easy as well, you may require some technical knowledge.  However, the interface is very simple and easy to use.  I hope that this idea could really help those Slingbox users to resolve the remote restart problem, I hope that Slingbox engerineer could provide the reboot option in the next upgrade of firmware.