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    Error code message


      I'm having trouble connecting to my slingbox remotely. I'm getting an error message: 0x8007274c; context: 1 and operation: 110. I don't know what this means. When I'm at home I'm able to connect just fine but when I'm away from home I can't connect. Can anyone help me with this problem. Thanks.

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          Hi Ingrid,


          Try watching through the web via www.slingbox.com and then click on "watch".


          If that doesn't work then I guess you have to go to your Slingbox settings and enable "remote viewing".


          Pls let us know the outcome.



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            vaazzurro Newbie

            Hi Ingrid and Harun,


            I am having the same problem now and am getting the same error message, and have in the past as well.  The Slingbox automatically turns itself off.  Upon a restart I can watch normally for a period of time, but then it happens again.


            I get the error message when I try to view normally and when I try to view via Slingbox.com.


            Any input for a resolution to this problem?


            Thank You!