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    Additional strem settings for Boxee Slingplayer

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      I woudl like for the Boxee slingplayer app to include more options to adjust the stream. These include more resolution options. Currently there is only 1920x544 and 640x480, with nothing between. Also, Im getting low framerates (15-23 fps) but high stream rates (>8mbps) . I would like to be able to set the frame rates to be more consistent, such as the controls in slingplayer for windows.



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          I am also having some frame rate issues. I have Fiber internet in Japan (100Mbps) with a Boxee and my parents have a 4Mbps upload in the US with the slingbox pro. The video on Boxee when set to good and better are very choppy and the basic setting streams well but is hard to see and the sound is not of a good quality. However, on the same network I have my PC with the Sling Player software and that comes in very clear and streams steady around 1.3 Mbps. Is this related to the GPU in the boxee or is it because of the lack of video options on the v1.3 app on Boxee?