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    Could not connect at wifi stadium?


      Our local NFL team has provided fans with wifi access.  I took my iPod with the slingplayer to the game and could not connect to my slingbox.  The signal strength was very good (I measured/tested with another app).  The iPod worked great at the tailgate party using a lesser strength signal.    Any idea what the problem was?   Could it be 10,000-15,000 other fans using their wifi?

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          Hello moonman13,


          I noticed that you experienced some issues connecting to your Slingbox on your football game, even though it worked on the same location a few hours before. As you mentioned, the SlingPlayer needs a higher bandwidth in order to connect to the Slingbox and if multiple users are connecting to the same network that will decrease the Internet signal.


          Since it worked fine from the same location, that means that the Internet Viewing is properly set up.