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    Boxee Slingplayer Frame rate

    ekbsrk Newbie


      Im currently getting a very erratic and low framerate on slingplayer for boxee. Typically jumping between 15-23 fps. The picture is just very choppy when watching live sports, especially hockey. Its watchable, but can sometimes strain your eyes. The stream does not buffer, as Im getting 8 mbps consistently over the internet. Ive tried lowering the resolution, despite the recommendation to use Best HD. The low frame rate problem still exists.


      Is there any way to adjust parameters such as the i-frame interval etc, like on the slingplayer for windows client? Or are there any other settings to adjust in order to get a framerate that is more consistent and close to 30 fps? Thanks!

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          Hi ekbsrk,


          I noticed that you are having issues with the frame rate of your Slingbox while using the SlingPlayer for Boxee Box. Unfortunately, Watch on Slingbox.com does not have the option to change those parameters. If you lowered the resolution and the issue persists, this problem can be caused by the firmware on both devices. Make sure those are up to date.


          Use the following link as a guide for the troubleshooting:


          How do I update the Slingbox Software (firmware) on my Slingbox?


          I hope that helps. Regards!

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              I'm having a similar issue with my Boxee.  On the same network, if I use the Watch on Slingbox.com and use the Best/HD mode, the frame rate and sound is very fluid (almost HD), however, when i select the same on boxee, it stutters and I have to switch to better (not nearly as good).  Is there a resolution for this or are there different modes supported by Watch but not Connected Devices? My computer is a 1366x768 screen and my Boxee is attached to a 720p TV.