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    Three dots > Freeze > Crash > Restart > Two dots


      Confused by the title?


      I'm connecting to a Slinbox Pro HD using my iPad.  The Slingbox Pro HD is connected to my Apple Airport Extreme by Ethernet cable.


      Here's my problem.


      I start the Slingplayer and I get perfect quality and ye olde three dots (when I look at 'aspect').  After a few minutes (every time) the program freezes, then crashes after about two seconds.  If I relaunch straight away it doesn't crash again but I'm down to two dots (and thus less quality). 


      If I manually choose 'disconnect' and then 'connect' I'm back to three dots again and the whole process start aagain, yup; Three dots > Freeze > Crash > Restart > Two dots.


      I have no idea what's going on, perhaps one of you does.  Is it the software?  is it the box?  Do I need to portmap instead of using dynamic (please God, no).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, particualrly as I'm overseas at my parents house for two weeks with a full DVR back home in NY.


      Please help me.  I thank you.