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    Help understanding connection of the Solo before purchase


      Would like to ask a few questions to those that have already gone through the connection process.  I have yet to buy, but need to know what I'm doing first.  Main use will be TV and recorded shows via iMac, Laptop, iPhone and iPad.  Service provider is DirecTV with HD DVR.


      1. I'm not sure if I need the HD version or the Solo.  My system at home is HD.  HDMI from directv HD DVR to TV.  I'm not understanding if/why the Slingbox unit needs to be connected to the TV or if I am just connecting it to my HD DVR unit.  If it HAS to connect to the TV, then do I NEED to have the Pro HD to maintain HD on my home system?  Wondering if I can keep the current connection to the TV (HDMI) and just add connecting the Sligbox to the HD DVR unit.  (I'm assuming there's not just HDMI connections on the back)


      2. Does the Solo give me acess to recorded programs on my HD DVR unit along with all TV Shows?  People talk about connecting a A/V source AND a DVR.  This unit is combined.  Not two separate connections.


      My Directv HD DVR is a new one.  Number is 24 I believe.


      i'm sure it all works fine as you all have it along with HD at home....  I'm just not undetanding the connection piece.  Wondering if I NEED the HD or will the Solo be fine.  It's just me at home, so switching channels while away is not an issue right now either...


      I think that's it....  Thoughts are appreciated!



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          I'm also reading that I may also have to connect audio from the Slingbox to my TV..???  Right now I have sound via a digital optic cable from the HD DVR straight into my receiver....  Not getting what I have to do about this.  Don't want to mess up the picture and sound at home just to be able to view away.


          Thank you in advance for your thoughts...



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            Hi Billster,


            Feel free to access this link. It will compare the two Slingboxes so you can have a better idea on which one is the best one for you:


            Selecting the Right Slingbox is Easy


            If you want to watch high definition content on your Slingbox you will need to purchase a Slingbox PRO-HD, if you don't mind watching your programming with standard definition then you can use the Slingbox SOLO.


            The following video will show you how to connect the cables from your DVR to the Slingbox. In order to watch your Slingbox it's not necessary to connect it straight to the TV. Please, take a look on the instructions:


            Help hooking up your Slingbox


            If you have a combined unit (cable box and DVR) you should be able to watch everything that you are currently watching on the TV, so it will not be necessary to use another AV source.


            I hope this clarifies your doubts.