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    Three dots > Freeze > Crash > Restart > Two dots.


      Confused by the title?


      I'm connecting to a Slinbox Pro HD using my iPad.  The Slingbox Pro HD is connected to my Apple Airport Extreme by Ethernet cable.


      Here's my problem.


      I start the Slingplayer and I get perfect quality and ye olde three dots (when I look at 'aspect').  After a few minutes (every time) the program freezes, then crashes after about two seconds.  If I relaunch straight away it doesn't crash again but I'm down to two dots (and thus less quality) and it defaults to Standard Quality.  I can manually increase to 'auto' or High Quality.


      If I manually choose 'disconnect' and then 'connect' I'm back to three dots again and the whole process start aagain, yup; Three dots > Freeze > Crash > Restart > Two dots.


      I have no idea what's going on, perhaps one of you does.  Is it the software?  is it the box?  Do I need to portmap instead of using dynamic (please God, no).


      It has to be said.  Watching the same Slingbox on my laptop looks great and the quality never degrades.  Also, I'm above the minimum for HD in terms of speed and even if I wasn't, surely the new 'auto' should just change to meet the network and not just crash (assuming it was a speed issue, which it isn't).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, particualrly as I'm overseas at my parents house for two weeks with a full DVR back home in NY.


      Please help me.  I thank you.