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    Can Not Connect to Windows 7 64 Bit Laptops


      SB Solo can not be detected on my LAN using Windows 7 64 Bit Laptops. While running setup the SB Solo can not be detected; I have stopped my Internet Security (Trend Micro), stopped MS Firewall in Windows 7, direct connected the SB Solo to my router (Linksys Wrt610N) - all this and no success. The power light and network connection lamps on the SB Solo are lit and NOT blinking...


      I have had the SB Solo for several years and it worked great running on the same LAN with Windows XP Laptops.


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          I am having the same issue.  Just installed Windows 7 64 bit which will not see any of my Slingboxes (AV and SOLO) on the same network subnet.  An XP laptop works just fine so I used that computer to set them up without issue.  My Windows 7 boxes cannot see them outside (remote) or inside the network.  I am almost 100% sure that it has something to do with a firewall exception but I even tried disabling the firewall and turning off ESET Antivirus with the same result.  Even the downloaded Slinplayer application (not web based) does not see either Slingbox. I can watch remote or local just fine so I know it is not a problem with the port forwarding configuration (5000 for AV and 5001 for SOLO).  Any help would be appreciated.

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            Hi chuck@manelson.com, currently our Slingplayer at Watch.slingbox.com only supports 32 bit browsers, you can try to download Internet Explorer 32 bit version and try to use the our web site again.


            Supported Browsers.



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              I am running slingbox solo on MS7, 64 bit.  When I first tried, I was told I had to use firefox browser.  That did work.  However, I finally got the slingbox update to download onto my Explorer 9 browers.  I then lost my internet.  I used two Netgear bridges and after several tries I found one of them not working.  I had a new one which is working fine.  My problem now is I've got the Solo going thru an HD Directv receiver and this new firmware won't let me use the DVR unless I hook up HD lines.It puts a message across the picture and you can't see it.  However you can watch straight TV.  I didn't have this problem before I updated the software.  Does anyone know how to get the old software back?  II even got the manual internet viewing set up, although on my Visa, I had internet viewing outside of my house when it said I wasn't set up!

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                OMG!!!  Cannot BELIEVE this worked!!


                I'm using (newly installed) Windows 7 Pro 64bit.  Have been using Slingbox HD on a Windows XP system for years with no problems!


                Now on Windows 7 Pro 64bit I couldn't connect, the Setup Assistant would start the setup and i could see the picture while Setup was working but then it would crash and never reconnect.


                I knew the router was setup correctly and I could connect on my Iphone at home AND away from home with no problem.


                I found some info that Firefox 9 on a 64 bit system was problematic so I tried Windows Internet Explorer 32bit and it worked fairly well.  BUT the pop-up viewer would never connect!


                I am a long time user and believer in the stand-alone desktop Slingplayer!!  LOVE that but it would not connect either.




                I RIGHT-CLICKED the Slingplayer (stand alone desktop player) and chose - RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR - and IT WORKS AS NORMAL!!!!!!!  Started up as quickly as it always did!  And is running fine!!!


                Hope this helps some people!!