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    Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.


        I have a Slingbox Pro which has been set up and working perfectly without any problems for 18 months. At the weekend whilst accessing the Slingbox and it was optimising the picture, I decided to select a different tv channel from the inbuilt digital tuner within the Slingbox Pro.  Suddenly the Slingbox came back with a message stating that the password hadn't been entered, although this is permanently stored.  I re-entered the password but I still couldn't access the Slingbox, whether it be the internal tuner or my external devices (Humax 9200T and Samsung DVD SH 897H).  I signed onto my Slingbox account and my Slingbox name/ID had been lost and so had all the configured inputs (internal tuner, Humax and Samsung).  Furthermore, the settings showed that my Slingbox was no longer set up as PAL-I and the UK or set up for internet/WAN access but instead the settings showed that the Slingbox was set up for the United States and for NTSC.

        Following the help panels on Slingbox Support, I reset the Slingbox several times, powered it off/on, directly connected my Slingbox into the back of my router rather than use power plugs and I also directly connected my PC into the router rather than use wi-fi, I even reseated the coaxial cables.  I have now been able to re-configure my Humax PVR and Samsung DVD and their respective remote controls and I can now access these devices once again.  However when I try to re-tune the Slingbox internal tuner (Aerial, Digital) then everytime it starts to scan, it gets upto 76% and it then hangs for a minute and I then get the message stating that the connection has been lost and would I like to retry.  I can watch the Humax and the Samsung until the cows come home but once I try to re-tune the Slingbox's internal tuner it always bombs out at 76% stating that the connection has been lost.

        Has anybody any ideas please??

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          Same Problem on Saturday night 17th Dec 2011 I think there is a problem with tuner and some stations.

          So Far this is my work round


          Just as a note this happens at 24% on my box  Slingbox Pro  (not HD)


          I found that if no signal then tuning runs to 100%

          so I set up on my laptop right by Slingbox when tuning got to 23% pulled aerial as soon as it moved on I re pluged it. I now have a few odd stations missing but have most.

          I think this may be to do with the signal overlay that is being broadcast warning about digital switchover.

          I will leave it alone and try next April After Switchover.

          Hope this may help

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                 I have tried what Billslingpayer suggested but this has made no difference.  When I attempt to retune the slingbox, it still hangs/thinks about things for a minute at 76%, it then shows a message that a problem was encountered and then the tuning goes all the way to 100% and I then get another message stating that the connection has been lost.


                 My Humax and Samsung devices work perfectly on the Component and Composite ports.


                 Can anybody else please suggest a solution to this problem whereby the internal tuner of the Slingbox is unable to tune into the digital antenna signal which it has successfully been able to do for around 18 months??.

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                  Hi to all with this problem. there are notes on the forum that my unpluging the aerial work for some and not for others.

                  Again this is a workround and we all want a fix but for now my sling is still working. So if this did not work for you try the following.

                  When you remove the aerial use a screwdriver or other metal device to short the inner and outer parts of the aerial input on the sling while it passes the point where it freezes. A simple way to check this is to short these and do a retune. You should have no stations but it should run to 100%.

                  If so you may need to practise your timing on the aerial removal. Even get an old piece of aerial cable you can strip back to just short out the inner and outerparts as it gets to the place it freezes.

                  Good luck and post results for others to follow

                  LAST sorry about typung here but all done on small phone.

                  Good luck


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                bobg8zwf Newbie

                Yes, I have same problem when trying to re-tune my slingbox pro (not HD)


                It has worked perfectly (as far a tuning is concerned) for the last 2 years, but since sometime in early December it crashes during retune.


                In my case, the crash happens at about 40% of the tuning range. I am receiving signals from Wrekin transmitter.


                As stated here by others, watch the tuning bar carefully and judge exactly where it gets to prior to the crash. (In my case this is exactly between the letters o and r of the word for).


                Then let it crash and restart.


                Go through the tuning again, but pull out the antenna connector just BEFORE the point of the crash. Then plug in the antenna connector as soon as the tuning bar has passed the crash point.


                The tuning progresses to the end without crash, but of course some channels are missing.


                It seems to me that the multiplex containing ITV3 (ch10) is the problem. I have written to ITV to find out what has been changed, but no reply yet.


                My TV digital tuner and freeview boxes do not crash, so the problem is with the slingbox. I guess there is something changed in the data stream that slingbox does not like, but other equipment has no problem.




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                  Hi DMW and all, if the Slingbox asks for the password after losing the set up of the channels that means that the connection has been lost, I suggest you hard reset the Slingbox and then make sure that the Slingbox is properly connected to the router and the coax cable.



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                    bobg8zwf Newbie



                    You have not answered the problem, therefore why does this topic say assumed answered.


                    Please read carefully my comments!!!!!!!!!


                    The slingbox does not ask for a password, it simply hangs up during tuning, then reboots itself.


                    I have tried full resets, but the problem still exists.


                    I will tell you again.




                    Now, how many other languages do you want this writing in, before Slingbox people will investigate and resolve it??????????



                    When I purchase something, then I expect it to work properly and be of quality demanded.


                    FIX IT !!!!!!!

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                        rack Newbie

                        We've seen this problem too.


                        But on Slingbox Classic.


                        Stops at 22% (or 24%) I think it is.


                        Mentioned in another thread but no reply from Slingbox.


                        No comment.

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                            bobg8zwf Newbie

                            Slingbox People.


                            We are waiting for an answer on this problem.


                            Please confirm that you are investigating the issue.


                            Thank You

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                                I have exactly the same problem at 56%. I cant even find the slingbox uk contact number as I keep getting booted out of their support site? What is going on? I go away tomorrow so unless I fix now, its no go. Great.

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                                    bobg8zwf Newbie



                                    I just got an email from ITV. They had passed to the transmitter management details of the problem.


                                    They have sucessfully re-created the problem and are now investigating it. So, for sure they see the problem.


                                    They will contact me again soon.



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                                        gridgway Newbie

                                        Great news Bob.  Have ITV reproduced it on a Slingbox?


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                                               Hi Guys,  many thanks for all the suggestions so far.  When my slingbox gets to 76%, the scanning cursor is under the  "h"  of   "this may take several minutes".  I have performed the instructions as suggested by billsslingplayer, etc  and I have unplugged my coax cable whilst the cursor is under the previous word which is  "channels".  I then let the cursor progress, it then hangs for around a minute under the  "h"  of the word  "this"  and I then I eventually get an error message stating that there is a problem with the tuning.  The cursor doesn't go pass 76% and continue on to 100% as I would expect and so I don't have the opportunity to reconnect the aerial and pick up a reduced number of tv channels further along the scanning.  Instead I immediately get the dreaded message stating that the connection has been lost.


                                               Fyi,  I receive my tv signal from the Winter Hill transmitter.  My 3 other PVRs  (x2 Humax & x1 Samsung) all work perfectly as do all my tvs in the house and so I have to agree with everybody else that this is definitely a Slingbox software / firmware problem which Slingplayer need to resolve.


                                               Mr Slingplayer PLC, I have performed a hard reset as suggested earlier on, in fact I had to do this several times before I could start to reconfigure my other ports from scratch, ie, my Composite and my Component ports.

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                                                bobg8zwf Newbie



                                                I would guess that you are receiving a strong signal from Winter Hill and even after you have unplugged the antenna, there is still enough signal for the slingbox to see it and try to tune.


                                                Do a test, unplug the antenna before you start the retune. Does the progress bar slow down and speed up (like it does with the antenna attached)? If so, then the slingbox is seeing signals even without the antenna attached.


                                                Do you have the antenna out connector connected on to some other receiver? If so, unplug it and try again.



                                                ITV engineers have confirmed that there is a problem between the transmission format and Slingbox, but they did not tell me if they were using a slingbox to confirm, or some other method. Also, they said that they are not sure which multiplex is causing the problem. But now is an ongoing investigation.


                                                I suspect that everyone in the UK has this problem, but of course it is only evident when attempting a retune.


                                                Nobody has reported that they do not have a problem (but they are probably not looking at this forum!!!)



                                                I do not think Slingbox will fix this themselves, without information from us and from the transmission companies. Because (a) slingbox are not in UK, therefore cannot see the problem for themselves and (b) I am sure they will consider it to be a problem with the signal.


                                                Even though I am in UK at present, my home and work are in China. I will be heading back there in about 1 week, so I want to try to resolve this before I leave UK, otherwise it will be difficult.




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                                        Me too folks......


                                        Slingbox Classic      22% of scan       Sandy Heath Transmitter


                                        ( Glad to know I'm not alone..... )

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                                      gridgway Newbie

                                      well it looks like my grumpy saturday evening post has been removed.  Fair enough.


                                      However, it would be great to get some feedback Mr Sling.  It'd be nice to know that you are actually investigating and that it's worth me waiting and not finding a different technology.  Or that you are planning to investigate.  Or contremplating planning to investigate.


                                      Understand it's the weekend now, but some small ray of hope early in the coming week would be nice.




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                                        I have the same problem, my Slingbox Classic wont retune, it bombs out at 76%. I tried all the suggestions without any success. My transmitter is Winter Hill, North West England.


                                        My solution to date is to start the tuning sequence,  disconnect the antenna until the tuning reaches 76% then quickly reconnect then wait until 100% and then continue the tuning sequence and finally deleting the rubbish channels from the menu


                                        My box finds most of the good channels


                                        I hope this works for you

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                                          bobg8zwf Newbie

                                          11:45am 10 Jan. UK time . Just retuned sucessfully without any crash.




                                          Others please try and confirm.



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                                            10th January 2011  12.30 pm


                                            Sling Box Classic now tunes through to 100% on Winter Hill

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                                              bobg8zwf Newbie



                                              Here is information as to the reason for the problem.....



                                              quote from email I just received....


                                                      "This came down to the number of services in a particular multiplex exceeding 32.  The number of services have now been reduced to below 32 but not because of the Slingbox problem but through operation requirements and this is not sustainable in the future.

                                              Slingbox will need to update their software as this will happen again in the future and the UK DTT specification allows for up to 64 services in a multiplex.

                                              Arqiva will take up with Slingbox as far as they can." endquote.


                                              So, the issue is resolved in the short term, but Slingbox MUST resolve the problem in their firmware and permit it to accept up to 64 services in any multipex.  As you can see from the above text, Slingboxes are not working according to the specification. Slingbox please comment!


                                              Pleased I could help.



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                                                      Hi Bob,  many thanks for informing me that you are now able to 100% retune your Slingbox.  I agree with you that this problem is an inherent design fault within the Slingbox and the problem only manifests itself when you have to perform a retune sometime after the digital switchover in your area.

                                                     Last night, having read your comments, I retuned my Slingbox Pro and instead of hanging under the letter "h" in the word "this" for 1 minute, and then bombing out, it just paused under "h" for 12 seconds whilst tuning into the respective channels before moving on and completing a 100% retune.

                                                     However, upon checking the Slingbox Pro it didn't pick up ITV1, Channel 4 or Channel 5 but it did pick up all the BBC channels.  I then retuned the Slingbox again and I then picked up ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 but no BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 or BBC News.  Strange!!!

                                                     Today I plugged my tv aerial straight into the Slingbox so it was my 1st device on the coax cable rather than the 5th device (last device before the tv) and the Slingbox Pro picked up all the channels including BBC 1 Wales (memory 1) and BBC 2 Wales (memory 2) which is not what I want.  I live on the North West coast of England and my aerial is pointing east towards the Winter Hill transmitter, however due to the strength of the Welsh transmitters which are in the opposite direction, I had to apply the old trick when my area went digital last year, which is, to unplug my coax cable and let the device (Slingbox) scan pass the lower frequencies/channels were the Welsh tv stations reside and then plug the coax cable back into the Slingbox once it has passed the Welsh channels (in the case of the Slingbox, in Setup Assistant, this means reconnecting the coax cable as the retuning bar is under the letter "c" in the word "channels".

                                                     I now get all my usual channels as before and no Welsh channels.  My Slingbox is now back to normal and once again working as it should do but this is only whilst the number of multiplexing channels doesn't exceed 32.  Lets hope that Slingbox soon rollout a new firmware / software upgrade.


                                                       Many thanks to Bob and all,    David.

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                                                  My one now working again


                                                  Thanks to all wo posted on this strange problem

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                                                    marlbrook Newbie

                                                    A few weeks ago UK Freeview required another scan update as some channel numbers had changed.


                                                    Now my SlingboxPRO is having the same problem mentioned in the other posts. In my case it stops scanning at 42% and then eventually

                                                    displays the following message "There was an error connecting to the Slingbox. The connection has timed out".


                                                    This is definitely a Slingbox firmware fault.


                                                    Presumably this will be a problem all over the UK.


                                                    I fail to understand why SlingMedia are ignoring all these posts.


                                                    At the very least they should have the decency to acknowledge the problem, and give us an idea if it can or will ever be fixed. Thanks to some of the above posts the problem has even been identified.


                                                    I used to be a great admirer of the SlingBox and the Company. That is wearing VERY thin.


                                                    It is interesting that if I decided to include some swear words in this post a Moderator would remove them, but that appears to be the extent of the Company's input.


                                                    This is no way to run a business.  The explosion of Iphone and Android devices alone creates enormous scope for the sale of many more Slingboxes in the UK but this kind of customer support is going to eventually result in zero UK sales.


                                                    Even if sales in the UK continue for a while, the Slingbox no longer does what it is advertised as doing. The Digital Tuner is not fit for purpose as things stand, and new purchasers are going to return them.


                                                    Some people might think that as existing customers our needs are unimportant, once you have our money why bother, however I could not possible comment.


                                                    Well here is what I am going to do.  Unless I see some positive reply from the Company about curing this issue within 2 weeks I am going to post details on every Forum I can find, AND start a Facebook page about it.  Believe me the news will spread and it will hurt your sales.


                                                    Unreasonable of me?  Well Slingmedia,  all you need to do is acknowledge the issue, and tell us what you are doing to fix it ... not too much to ask.

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                                                      marlbrook Newbie

                                                      I would just like to make a few other points.


                                                      First I have had Slingboxes for several years, and overall (except this lamentable position re digital tuning) I think it is a wonderful piece of kit.


                                                      A lot of quite brilliant thought and expertise went into designing the hardware and software. Linking them to a central server so that each could be accessible from anywhere in the world was an inspired idea, as was building in a Freeview receiver.


                                                      I have always had mine connected to a Sky receiver, and to get around this present problem I was lucky enough to be able to connect

                                                      a spare Freeview box, both of which play and are controlled by the Sling software. Having the ability to switch between Freeview and the Sky box input is essential to me. If I am away from home my family would not be too impressed if I kept taking control of Sky remotely.


                                                      My 'beef' is with Customer Support, who are not only letting down their customer base, but also if they could but realise it their own Sales and Marketing team. As I mentioned in my last post the explosion of mobile devices has opened up a massive potential market for the Slingbox in the UK.


                                                      Many people will have bought, and would contemplate buying a Slingbox just for its advertised ability to stream Freeview channels. Well the present firmware cannot do that anymore in the UK.  The 'work around' of pulling out the aerial during scans and ending up with a few channels is frankly a ludicrous answer.


                                                      Well done to the people who discovered it, but it should not be accepted by Slingmedia as an acceptable 'fix'.


                                                      Since the last Freeview change I have experimented for several hours, and I have to disconnect the aerial at two positions during a scan so it completes, leaving gaping holes in the available channels. The maximum I can get is 22, which of course excludes most of my favorites.


                                                      It may be that the firmware cannot be updated to remedy this. Hopefully it can be. The point is Slingmedia should be up front about it.


                                                      Whatever the position re the problem, whether it can or can't be fixed, Slingmedia should have the common courtesy to at least acknowledge the

                                                      fault, AND tell present customers exactly what they are doing about it.


                                                      They should also realise that they are contravening the Sale Of Goods Act by continuing to sell a product in the UK which does not do what they advertise it as being capable of. Apart from letting their existing customers down, they are leaving themselves open to prosecution.


                                                      I know posts on the Forum are monitored for obscenity, but just for a laugh, perhaps the Moderators could comment here about this matter, and even pass the problem to their technical team to look at.


                                                      I for one will not be satisfied with a 'Reset your Slingbox, take two aspirin, and lie down in a darkened room until you forget about the problem' approach though.


                                                      It is a sad day when a Company with such a brilliant product neglects its moral duty to existing customers, its legal duty to new customers, and fails to realise that in the long run it is committing commercial suicide.


                                                      So Slingmedia ... just acknowledge the problem .... tell us what you are doing about it.  That is not much to ask.


                                                      Failing that .... read all about it on Facebook and watch your sales figures rocket (downwards).


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                                                        Well, I have just come across this issue. Needless to say I am disappointed that it has been known about for nearly one year and there is no proper response from Sling. And yes I have tried the 'reset' procedure. Fortunately I have three STB's connected to my Pro (not HD version) so I can work around it but it is not satisfactory.


                                                        Signals from Hannington in Hampshire.

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                                                          gridgway Newbie

                                                          I phoned support last week and refused to "wait and see".  After a bit of faffing, the guy said I'd get an update by email in a couple of days with some concrete information.  That would be good!


                                                          We'll see....



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                                                               It looks like Slingbox have done nothing to fix the problem after 18 months or they haven't got a clue as to how to fix it.  It was August 2011 when I first experienced the problem of my Slingbox Pro bombing out after retuning when it would get stuck at 76% when retuning it's internal tuner and now some 18 months later I have the same problem again.  Last week my Slingbox lost its memory and it couldn't remember which country it was located in (it should have stated: United Kingdom)  and as a result I couldn't remotely access my Slingbox Pro.  My only option was to perform a hardware reset which deleted all the tv stations within its memory.  Having tried to retune the internal digital antenna tv tuner either using Setup Assistant or Slingbox Watch, my Slingbox freezes at 76% again (the same problem which I first reported some 18 months previously) and it then displays a message stating that my internet connection has been lost with the Slingbox.  To make matters worst Slingbox has now removed it's Beta Remote Control website and so I cannot download my personalised Remote Controls for my devices which don't appear within Slingbox's list of Manufacturers and Models.  Can it get any worst??


                                                               I have come to the conclusion that Slingbox hasn't got a clue and furthermore the company doesn't have the technical abilities to fix their own equipment, I would like them to prove me wrong and come up with a permanent fix once and for all.


                                                               Slingbox, I'm watching this space to see if you really do have the technical skills to fix this problem which I and other people are constantly experiencing.

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                                                                Hi all,

                                                                I am in the exact  same postion as are friend above.

                                                                Nothing but a waste of money, slingbox should recall all these faulty pro units and repair or replace them for working models.

                                                                Till then will never pay for anything slingbox again.

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                                                                    gridgway Newbie

                                                                    For a reason that I don't understand (other than I made a nuisance of my self and asked), I was sent a replacement box (a more recent model).  This was very kind of sling media although the replacement is not trouble free - albeit that it doesn't have the same tuning problem.


                                                                      • Re: Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.

                                                                          Many thanks gridgway for your answer.  I do believe you received a new Slingbox because of the nuisance you have made.  Lets hope all your problems have now been resolved.  I definitely WILL NOT EVER be buying another Slingbox product (just like numerous other people) because the After Sales service from Slingbox is totally ****.  It is clear to me that Slingbox do NOT have the technical ability or skills to fix their own products.


                                                                          If Slingbox want to send me a HD Pro so that I can see if that fixes all my problems then that is fine with me but I will NOT be buying anymore Slingbox products, not even their new ultra slim Freview HD recorder which they have mailed me details about.

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                                                                    Its time all Sling boxes with a tuner were made future proof! I have a few digital TV's which all update when new channels appear. All I want is a slingbox that works again, I watched mine for over 3 years then it failed when I tried to retune. Its a pity Sling media dont want to support these boxes with a software update anymore or to offer some compensation to keep their old customers happy. I am now using my spare but will never retune this one, it still works on BBC1 and ITV a lifeline when working away.One day Slingmedia will learn the existing customers are the best advert to others!

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                                                                      gridgway Newbie

                                                                      We've not used ours for a few weeks so of course, it doesn't work.  I've hit the reset button and started afresh.  It says it has a new firmware update to do which fails.  Truly horrible.  Now even though the update has failed it says it's ok.  We are now scanning.







                                                                      Utter ****.


                                                                      Had a few goes.  Always crashes at 10%, then says incorrect password and when you get back to the directory it's unconfigured.


                                                                      I'm just off to re-configure it to the bin.


                                                                      I would say it was good being here, but frankly it wasn't.  Now don't get me wrong my fellow forum-ites are great, but a truly terrible product.  I thought there was a ray of hope when the sling people actually sent me a new HD-Pro to solve the tuning problem after I phoned up the boss-man in the US, very nice of them.




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                                                                        mattbunce Newbie

                                                                        Hi all
                                                                        Re: Tuning in to Freeview - A possible solution?


                                                                        Please see my post here - I think I might have found what might be going wrong.


                                                                        Please reply and let me know

                                                                        • your rough location
                                                                        • which transmitter your aerial points to
                                                                        • the percentage that the scan fails at

                                                                        I can then check to see if your problems are the same as mine that I discuss in my post.

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                                                                            BobShanghai Newbie

                                                                            I gave up on using the sb pro in UK. I just use the Echostar HDS600RS now. For the most part it works fine. Even this good product has been taken out of production. Totally crazy!


                                                                            I brought the 'pro with me to China and installed in my house in Shanghai.


                                                                            It tunes the analog TV channels here fine, but does not work at all on digital channels (even though there is China option in the Country list). So, again the digital tuner is pretty useless (as it was in UK).


                                                                            But for streaming other stuff (video camera etc) it works ok.


                                                                            I note with total disgust that even after the large number of recent posts on here and other parts of this forum, sling have still never commented. Exactly the same response from them over the last 2 years!


                                                                            This goes to sum up slings' feelings for its customers.


                                                                            Potentially good products, utter c**p support, with no obvious wish to resolve the problem.


                                                                            It would be nice to goad sling into giving a response.


                                                                            Send me the source code, I will then fix it!



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                                                                            marlbrook Newbie

                                                                            Sorry to have to tell you that you cannot expect any reply, help, or even an acknowledgement from any one at the Company regarding this issue, especially on this Forum.


                                                                            It is a problem that has been spreading with the SlingBox PRO and PRO-HD for almost 2 years. It is a firmware matter a but despite being fundemental to the advertised properties of the boxes, or perhaps because it is, SlingMedia will not discuss it here.


                                                                            You will see that they reply to many threads on the Forum about other matters, and must have monitored the threads regarding the Freeview Tuner, but have steadfastly ignored it.


                                                                            Look at:-


                                                                            In particular look at my last comment, and if you ever hope for the matter to be resolved consider the action I have suggested there.

                                                                            AND the earlier posts at

                                                                            • Re: Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.

                                                                              Hello Marlbrook,


                                                                              Thank you for all your input so far.  I find it incredibly hard to believe that Slingbox have spent 2 years working on this problem even though it has only just recently acknowledged the problem in the last 24 hours ........ more like just a few hours spent looking at it.  I'm not expecting much from Slingbox having witnessed their diabolically cr*p service for the last 2 years.  I have no faith in the company and furthermore, I haven't and I will never be buying anymore of their products again.  When I walk pass a shelf in any relevant store selling the latest Slingbox products I just continue to walk pass their products and I look at all the other electronic items which are for sale.  I always vote with my wallet.


                                                                              I live on the North West coast and I receive my tv signals from the Winter Hill transmitter .... does this fit in with your theory of  76% /2 + 20 for com 4??



                                                                              Cheers  David.

                                                                              • Possible Workaround!

                                                                                After some experimentation I may have found a workaround solution that may help some users:


                                                                                When performing several scans of DVB-T channels my box would hang always at 43% with the (inaccurate) error message "your slingbox has disconnected due to a poor internet connection". I know this to be untrue on my very reliable fibre connection. After finding the real cause of the problem in this thread. I tried removing the coax cable from my slingbox when the scan got to approx 39% and reconnected the cable when the scan got to approx 47%. The scan completed successfully and I was pleased to see that all major channels (BBC 1, ITV, ch 4 etc.) where present. This may be a useful solution for users like me where COM 4 is either a ghost signal from a nearby transmitter or does not carry any important channels.


                                                                                The lack of an EPG for UK users is very poor design. This oversight is doubly poor as EPG data is available in both the transmitted DVB-T signal and from online sources.


                                                                                An example of a network streaming DVB-T device which makes excellent use of allowing both the direct broadcast and online EPG data to be used is the EyeTV Netstream from Elegato. This device has two DVB-T tuners and functions very well on my home network, streaming excellent quality pictures to my iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro and PC. The only disadvantage (compared to the Slingbox) is the device can only be accessed from the internal network (you cannot log into it when away from home). For any users unable to get the Slingbox to tune and do not need to log in externally to their home network this is a good alternative.

                                                                                  • Re: Possible Workaround!

                                                                                    This workaround has been documented before. The problems are that you lose all stations on the COM4 multiplex.


                                                                                    The other issue is that should the box be reset, due to any other software update, then the box will re-ture and hang again.


                                                                                    It is also not a piece of hardware I could install for a non-technical relative and trust it to continue working, especially if installed remotely on the other side of the world.


                                                                                    As you said - the error message is not intuitive, it suggests a network error rather than a problem with the tuner.


                                                                                    At the very least if they cannot handle more than 16 channels on a multiplex due to a hardware issue, you would expect a software fix to perhaps store the first 16 channels or ignore the multiplex and carry on tuning would be an acceptable comprimise.


                                                                                    We need more people to like marlbrooks review on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B0043VNGO4/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 so that it appears at the top of the page. ( he has more likes than me already, so better using his review as the most useful ).


                                                                                    Did a little bit of useful/unuseful manipulation and managed to get marlbrooks review to the top. Hope it hurts them enough for Amazon to push them to do something about it.


                                                                                  • Re: Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.

                                                                                    Maplin Electronics www.maplin.co.uk list 3 models of Slingbox in stock but no-one has posted a review - suggests you could win £50 if you are first

                                                                                      • Re: Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.
                                                                                        marlbrook Newbie

                                                                                        Brilliant. Have submitted this review to Maplin:-


                                                                                        The Slingbox is a brilliant piece of equipment. A lot of thought went into it, and it shows.


                                                                                        I would have recommended it highly to anyone, but there is a significant problem.


                                                                                        Maplin and potential customers MUST be made aware that the Freeview Tuner

                                                                                        no longer works correctly in the UK, on the PRO and PRO-HD models.


                                                                                        This has been the case for over two years. There are numerous posts about it on the Sling Forum. Sadly the Sling Company ignored the issue, and only finally acknowledged it very, very recently. They at last say they are working to fix it, but until they do then if the
                                                                                        built in Freeview option is important to you, then wait and see if the problem is really resolved before you buy.


                                                                                        Memo to the Maplin representative who considers this review.


                                                                                        This issue is easy to verify just by going to the Sling Forum.


                                                                                        You really should post this not only for your customers but for your Organisation's  reputation, and take it up with the Slingbox Manufacturer who have placed you in this position knowing that the Freeview option has a significant problem.


                                                                                        As things stand at present your product description understandably includes the Freeview capabilities that the Slingbox claims to have, but as that no longer functions correctly, and has not for two years.  If you do not publish this not only are you going to get a lot of 'returns' you could be contravening the Trade Descriptions Act.


                                                                                        Publishing this review should protect you from those problems.


                                                                                        If the Slingbox Freeview matter is fixed at last, then I WILL post here and let your customers know immediately.

                                                                                      • Re: Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.
                                                                                        marlbrook Newbie

                                                                                        Maplin have posted the Review word for word. They are now showing the HD-PRO as out of stock, and contacted me saying they are taking the matter up with Sling.


                                                                                        I will not be posting about this issue anywhere else on the Net, pending the results of the promised Beta testing of a 'fix' announced on the Forum a few days ago.


                                                                                        I just want to make it clear that I have always believed the Slignbox to be a fabulous product. The initial design and forethought that went into producing the hardware and software deserves praise.


                                                                                        The problem has been the way this Freeview Tuner issue, and their existing customers justified complaints, were studiously ignored.


                                                                                        Time will tell if the Tuner can be fixed, but if it is I will follow up all the negative posts I have placed around the Web with appropriate comments,

                                                                                          • Re: Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.

                                                                                            I just found out about this issue this morning on rescanning the coax input on my Slingbox Pro HD which I acquired a month ago. It kept hanging then exiting at 10%, but it had scanned ok a month ago and been working ok.

                                                                                            My old Slingbox Pro had also scanned ok, but what has changed in the last few days is my new aerial to get rid of the picture freezing and 'blockies', due to damage to the old antenna by pidgeons and seagulls taking off from it.

                                                                                            I was on the point of buying a 0-20db variable aerial attenuator for 5 quid on ebay to try that, but first tried rescanning with a much weaker 'induced' signal to try to mirror the weaker signal from the old antenna, and so reduce the channels being scanned, (which Googling suggests is the problem), and try to achieve this by cutting out all the weakest channels which I probably don't want anyway.


                                                                                            With the TV on a Freeview program through the Slingbox, I tried attenuating the signal by withdrawing the coax cable plug from the Slingbox ProHD coax input socket, by tiny tiny tiny amounts, until the point where the TV just lost signal. A fainter 'inducing' signal is still in the coax input socket though, although not enough to drive the TV. Slow twisting the coax plug out rather than direct pulling is best for small amounts.


                                                                                            A rescan in this state then rescanned right through ok with over 700 channels found. All the ones I use are there in the right numbered place, but I don't know how many may be missing.


                                                                                            I'd be interested to hear if this works for others pending the new Firmware

                                                                                              • Re: Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.

                                                                                                The problem is there are too many channels on the multiplex that happend to be at 10% on your transmitter.


                                                                                                By luck this channel is the lowest powerered you receive, perhaps it is at the lower end of the frequency spread for your ariel, and you found the correct amount of attenuation that will lose this frequency but not any of the other ones.


                                                                                                A more reliable method is to unplug the ariel at the problem %, and plug it in again once this is passed, but this is still not a solution to the bug that the units are being sold with.

                                                                                            • Re: Tuner bombs out (when retuning) at 76% stating connection is lost.
                                                                                              marlbrook Newbie

                                                                                              The tuner issue has been fixed by a firmware update for the HD-Pro only.


                                                                                              The PRO has been classified as a 'legacy' product and no longer supported.


                                                                                              Strange as it is still being sold 'new' in the UK by Maplin and Amazon.


                                                                                              See my post:-