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    Video quality issues despite high broadband connection


      I have a Slingbox PRO-HD in Japan.


      Internet viewing from the United Sates works perfectly on any PC that I use. My broadband connection is 20X20 mbps.

      On a computer the video plays perfect and looks fantastic, no errors or studdering / skipping. So I know that the
      Slinbox PRO-HD is is properly set up for internet viewing.


      In the United States, I just got a boxee box from D-Link (updated during initial boot-up). It is connected directly
      to the network (ethernet) and I confirmed the connection speed is ~20X15 mbps on speakeasy speed test when accessed
      by Boxee browser.


      I am able to access the Slingplayer app on the Boxee and it connects.


      The problem is that when quality is set at best (HD), better and sometimes even good, the video studders / freezes often.
      The app quality recommendation is almost always basic and never higher than good. This should not be the case given
      the internet speeds I have available which is much higher than the technical requirement of 2 mbps for HD.


      Any ideas how to fix this issue?