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    No remote


      When I use the slingplayer for the Revue and can't use the remote control. When I hit the space bar I get one row of choices that pops up. There are basic functions such as "video quality", "disconnect", "change source", "aspect", "DVR" and "guide", and the "DVR" and "guide" buttons are greyed out.  There are no other controls available, and the numbers keys on the Revue keypad have no effect.  The remote works just fine on the slingplayer program on my PC, the web based player on slingbox.com and on slingplayer mobile on my iPad and iPhone.  Has anyone seen this before?






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          Hi nliolis, I suggest you go to Setup.slingbox.com and use the option "Configure Inputs" to set up again the remote and refresh the set up, after that you can try the Slingbox again the Logitech Revue and see if the remote works correctly.



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              alanrichey42 Master

              I suspect that won't help.   When you run that routine to install the remote you actually download it to the Slingbox itself.  After that, ANY viewing system (Slingplayer, SlingCatcher, WebSlingPlayer, SlingPlayer Mobile,.,,) will use that remote.   So if the virtual remote on all the platforms you mention work correctly then the remote in the Slingbox is probably correct and not corrupt.


              So the problem lies in the Revue and it's interpretation of the remote.

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              I just purchased my Logitech Revue yesterday and am having the same problem.  Did anyone ever discover a fix?