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    Slingbox @home LAN or WAN ?



      I just set up Slingbox Pro HD with no glitch,

      my question is how do I know if I stream on LAN or WAN, it says internet viewing which means WAN I guess right?

      to watch you have to go to watch.slingbox.com which means it's WAN right? then how to watch just over LAN, is there an option to switch between the 2 networks.


      Thanks for any input

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          So many views and no answer, is that normal?

          I thought this was the place where we can get answers to our questions       

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            chakkarinen Apprentice

            If you are watching the stream from your SB on a computer connected to the same local area network as the SB, then the stream will automatically be sent only through the LAN, and you will typically find streaming speeds of 5000 kbps or higher.   But if the computer that you are watching is on another network than your SB -- for example, you are watching from your local McDonalds or from a computer in another town, then the signal will be sent automatically via the Wide Area Network, and you will get streaming speeds defined by the LESSER of the upload speed of the router in which your SB is located and the download speed of the router that your computer that is watching the stream is connected to.  The actual streaming speeds will likely be less than the maximum speeds reported by such bandwidth testing sites as www.bandwidthplace.com


            So what else would you like to know about this issue of LAN versus WAN?