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    Low speed connectivity (300 kbps) at remote location only


      I have a Slingbox Pro HD set up and connected to Comcast in the Chicago area while I watch remotely in Japan.  I always had 3 Mbps speed and was watching virtual HD programing from the time we set it up until around the first week of November.  Since that time, I have only been able to achieve consistent speeds of approximately 300 Kbps, which makes watching on a large screen like a TV undesirable as the pixelation is terrible at that size.  It's not even great on my laptop, and fast moving sports are the worst.


      My mother who is hosting the Slingbox at her home can log on and watch via the Slingbox website at fantastic speeds of 3+ Mbps and has no issues.  When I go to Speedtest.net, for example, at home in Japan, I get 30 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds on their clock.


      Thus, I am left with the unanswered question as to why I cannot achieve the old speeds and watch TV with a normal picture.


      I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for troubleshooting or at least a quick note from a Slingbox employee stating that this is a common issue and that they are working to remedy the situation.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Your mother will get great speeds because the connection from her computer to the SB goes only through the router and not the Internet.


          So, for starters, I would suggest having your mother run the speed test from her computer -- if she doesn't get at least 1500 kbps UPLOAD speeds, then  you can expect to have difficulty in streaming smoothly.


          If she gets lower speeds, or she sees the higher speeds only during the hours when you would NOT be streaming to Japan, then I would suggest she check with her ISP to see if they are throttling her uploads, or whether she has to purchase a "higher-bandwidth" option or highly monthly data transfer allowance than her current plan.   For example, my ISP allows me 250 GB data transfer per month, after which they will throttle my account or ask me to purchase a "business plan" account -- at higher monthly price -- for my home service.

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              I  had the same issue in November (dropped from speeds of 2Mbps to 300 kbps). I also have a SlingBox Pro HD. In December I was able to get download speeds of 1.4 Mbps. I contacted my ISP and I have an unlimited upload/download plan.  Please advise if there are other ways to improve my download speeds.

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  I would suspect that the issue is more likely the UPLOAD speeds to the Internet from the physical location of your SB, rather than the DOWNLOAD speeds at the location of your computer where you are viewing the streams.


                  So, if possible, I would suggest testing the UPLOAD speeds through the router-modem configuration where the SB is located, by connecting a computer to the same router that the SB is connected to, then testing the upload speeds by visiting from that computer websites such as www.bandwidthplace.com


                  If those upload speeds are less than 1500 kbps, then you might have trouble viewing the SB.


                  It is also possible that the ROUTING of your stream signal from the SB location to your computer location is transiting through some intermediate point with heavy congestion.   You may not have any easy way to control that, although other posters have found some success in arranging for a proxy server to stream their upload signal, rather than the "standard" server provided by the ISP that is providing the Internet service where your SB is physically located.