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    Why not offer the regular in browser player? this is not useable


      ran and bought the revue now that slingplayer is available. goog new is I love the revue, bad news is this new player is not useable.


      I have no option but continue using an old pc connected to my flatscreen 40 Sony which works much better than this new revue player (was really hoping to move into one set up and give it to goddwill...). Using the pc I can see my original cable provider remote on screen and just click on it instead of the complex control menu on the revue player, it is easy to adjust the picture for full screen while on the revue player the zoom and adjust just make it weird and not full screen, very easy to track connection speed through the kbps indicator on bottom of screen and adjust quality rather than cumbersome new revue player function, and the picture quality is much lower on the revue + it freezes constantly.


      if any users figured out what i am doing wrong and how to avoid any of the problems above please let me know. Slingobx team - you have some work cut out for you...we were thinking the reason we waited forever for this player was it was being designed to be awesome....