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    Autoconnect to available slingbox in the directory?


      Hi All,


      My question is, is there a way to get slingplayer to search for an available slingbox in the library rather than simply connecting to the last one it was connected too?


      My slingbox directory consists of 2 Slingboxes, 1 solo and 1 pro, in different locations. There is soon to be a third.


      They are used solely by my boss who travels a lot. What keeps happening is either the internet will go down in 1 location or the Satelite TV box has hung etc and then I will get the phone call asking me to connect to his machine and fix the slingbox..... again. Today marks the 8th weekend in a row where I have had to either go in to work to restart the adsl modem or log in to his laptop and change the box in the directory to one that is online.