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    Does higher upload speed from base overwhelm a slower download at remote site?


      Hi,,,I currently have a 2MB upload speed where my sling boxes are, and I am able to view them remotely without an issue. I have the option, though, of increasing my upload speed to 5 MB (at no price increase). My concern, though, is whether this increased upload speed might cause problems when viewing remotely where the download speed can at times be less than 5MB-- particularly at hotels, non-3G iphone viewing, etc where viewing is more prone to bandwidth concerns. In a nutshell-- are faster upload speeds always going to a good thing, or can its high speed overwhelm the receiving locations download speed capabilities and cause sling viewing to be worse. In case my equipment is relevant for the response, my viewing is usually with slingplayer 1.5, or with slingcatcher, and my sling boxes are either sling pro, or pro-hd. Thanks you for any information.