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    Sling Player - Need to Re-Purchase If Phone Upgraded?


      I do not have a slingbox, but am looking to buy one. I am slightly concerned about having to pay 29.99 every two years for all four phones in my family if we all want Sling Player and the fee is per physical phone. Can you transfer from one phone to another (in the event I upgrade my phone) or is it assigned to the phone without the abiliity to transfer (If I upgrade my phone do I lose sling player)?


      Also, I have to say that the slingbox web site is severely lacking featurs/functionality when it comes to contacting the company with questions. I would also think that this would be something on the "FAQ" page as it seems like a very obvious question. Apparently they don't want to spring for a call center in India or have any meaningful FAQ's.


      I have to give some props though to their creativity with confirmation characters/message. I had "Lebowski" and "The Dude 96" as confirmations. It is refreshing to see something that not only makes sense, but makes me laugh.