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    error message connecting to slingbox


      platform not supported reference de90-64c8 (code:23)

      what does this mean? do i have to have the slingbox directly on the same LAN as the revue?

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          I have a Sony Google TV and i get this same error message, i only see the videos talk about Logitech Revue and i dont see Sony GTV, isnt the same when we talk about sling player? and why and how can i fix this?

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            Hi adamleisy,


            I understand that you are having some issues when trying to get the connection to your Slingbox through the SlingPlayer for Logitech Revue application.


            In your case, the main issue is that you are trying to connect to a legacy Slingbox (Slingbox AV) which is not supported. The only supported units are the Slingbox SOLO and the Slingbox PRO-HD. The following links for Connected Devices will allow you to get the information about the supported Slingbox models:


            Logitech Revue


            Boxee Box


            I also recommend you to check this link in order to know which SlingPlayer software works with your Slingbox:

            Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox?



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              I have a Slingbox Pro HD and I am getting the following error message any sugestions

              No lingboxes were found (code 5)

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                I, too am getting the same error.  platform not supported reference 74CE-06BA.  A different refeference but still not connection.

                I have two Google tvs both get the error althought the code is different.  I am using a HD-Pro with the latestest software.

                My phone and tablet have no problem connecting to it.  There is a Dish VIP 922 with an embedded sling device also on the network.

                Of course, only the phones and PC can reach that, as it is not compatable with GTV.  I have another question.  Once you have set up the spotlight bookmark, is there away to change the device it points to?