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    Weak or No Video Signal Detected error


      We have the Slingbox Pro-HD and Turbo links at home in Florida and were watching our DIrecTV programming just fine while in Germany for 3 months. We could watch either on our Laptops through a cable or Wi-Fi and even connect it via HDMI or S-Video to some TV's in our rental villa. This was while the TV monitor was off the whole time at our home and worked great. My wife and kids have now gone back home and now I have a weak or No video signal detected error. I thought it was my router which I had my wife reset and it would work sometime and not other times. Well we were just on skype and I could see the TV behind her (which was off) and the Slingbox on top of the TV so I thought I would fire it up and saw the lights go on the sling and got a "weak or no video signal detected" error message on my end. She turned on the TV monitor and then I got the feed on my sling the same as which I could see through the skype. I told her to turn the TV back off (not the satelite) and lost the feed again until she fired the monitor back on. What is going on?? I have had Slingbox classic for 3+ years and now the Slingbox Pro-HD for the last 6 months and have never had to have the TV monitor on to get a feed.


      Thank You Speedster351