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    Slingbox Classic used to work great but after update it fails each time


      My PC has win XP Pro SP3...

      I just replaced my router to a Linksys/Cisco E4200, reconfigured it but once I updated the slingplayer software my slingbox started disconnecting/dropping.

      I tried 2 different routers thinking one was bad. It was not the router!

      Tried running the set up several times, very frustrating.

      I'm able to log into slingbox.com and one time it will see the slingbox then it does not. The network light on the slingbox goes on then shuts after connecting to slingbox.com's server.

      What gives???? Is ther an old firmware I can fall back on. I don't watch my TV on the slingbox.com's website just on my Laptop.

      Guys @ Sling help  us out, please.