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    Where are my "Favorites"?


      When the most recent "push" occured (watch.slingbox.com) my Favorites disappeared. Now when I click on the Heart icon it tells me to put the channel in the "Channel No." box and hit enter but no matter how many times I enter a number it is never added to my favorites.


      Screen shot attached.


      I did send this to Slingbox Tech but never saw a response or fix. I've been with Slingbox almost since the beginning and I'm a little disapointed to see the direction in which they have taken support.



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          I'm also having the same issue.  Thought I had a bad sling, but it apeeared for me right after updating also.  Please FIX THIS SLINGBOX!

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            Hi Devilsmane,


            It seems that you are having some issues with the web-based SlingPlayer version, since the "Favorite" channels feature does not work.


            Paying attention to the attached screen shot, it looks like that for some reason there's no information about the A/V source and / or the related Program Guide. With this in mind, I recommend you to run the A/V configuration through www.slingbox.com one more time and make sure to include all the information about the specific make and model for your A/V source and local Zip Code (where the Slingbox is located). The following link will allow you to determine if it is included on the supported devices list:


            Finding your video source



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                I am also having this issue since approximately the same time as the original poster. I have tried rerunning setup as you suggested and all is in order. My guide works fine but my favorites seem to have vanished since the last update and entering new favorites channels also has no effect. I use the Sling on my office pc to watch CNBC. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.




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                I too am having this problem on both mac and windows machines.  I can not access or add favorites.  My boxee box can add favorites, but not delete them. 


                As a temporary fix, I would accept a download code for the ipad sling player.  But really this needs to be solved ASAP.