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    Remote request - Pace/Digiturk DT-S9100

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      I've read the recommended links for what to do if a remote control isn't supported, tried he default Pace ones, etc, and I also tried the beta site for creating my own remote but I couldn't get the buttons to work reliably. I had a few attempts, experimenting with different distances etc.


      In particular I noticed that when using the created remote, the IR sensor on the Digiturk box would flash once, whereas when I used the real hardware remote it would flash twice.


      If someone could create one that would be ace.


      Oh, just to add - I found this box in the Harmony database when setting up my Harmony, but found that the Harmony controls didn't produce any kind of response, so I was forced to set it up manually for Harmony....not sure if that is relevant to anything...

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          alanrichey42 Master

          The problem is that I create Custom Remotes by installing them on my Harmony and learn the codes from that.   And as you say, it looks as though the Harmony database entry is incorrect.


          Just in case, I have built a remote from the codes.  The ONLY buttons implemented are the Power, CH+/- and number buttons.   But if they do happen to work then I can build a full version.


          Alternatively if you can get ANY button successfully learnt at http://remotes.slingbox.com then export the 'myRemote.lrz' file I might be able to get the codes by analysing that file.


          Plan B:  If you can put a working remote onto my Harmony account  (Username:  slingboxes  Password:  password) then I can install that onto mine and learn the codes from that



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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              Thanks Alan, much appreciated!


              I followed the instructions in the readme, but it failed to load from the files you created.


              Just to confirm, each is 144 bytes in size, and they were placed in the Contents/Resources/DBAV directory of the setup assistant.


              So the folder now contains:









              I chose 'Cable Box (analog or digital)' and then 'Other' for the box.


              The exact sequence of messages I saw after typing "C2010" was:


              - Updating IR database

              - Programming IR key map

              - Retrieving IR key map

              - The Slingbox cannot load the IR code you selected. Click the Go Back button and try another code from the same brand. Click '?' button for more information.


              This is the latest Mac software.


              Attached is a screenshot showing how far I got.


              Screen Shot 2011-12-16 at 10.35.18.png

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  Sorry. my fault.  I missed the last step when I compiled the files.


                  Replacements attached.

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                      OvCollyer Apprentice

                      Thanks again.


                      Against the odds - that actually works, nice one


                      Where do I need to send the free beer to get the whole remote done?

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                          alanrichey42 Master

                          Have to take a rain check on that


                          Here's the new files with all the codes I have.

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                              OvCollyer Apprentice

                              Works a treat.


                              My wife and her Mum will be very happy when we next visit London and they can still watch Turkish TV over breakfast.


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                                  alanrichey42 Master

                                  Glad I could help

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                                      alanrichey42 Master

                                      And now available for download from here

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                                          OvCollyer Apprentice



                                          I would PM you if I knew how, but I can't find the option.


                                          I've been working on a Mac app that will launch Safari at the Sling watch page, automatically connect to a specific SB and automatically switch to full screen. The idea being that this behaviour, in conjunction with Remote Buddy and a universal remote like the Harmony could provide an effective Slingcatcher replacement. Once I've tested it for a while I plan to release details, and my app (which is essentially AppleScript) for the benefit of the community.


                                          However the project relies on all keys on the virtual remote having keyboard shortcuts mapped. In my test case with my Sky HD box, as I posted in another thread, some keys aren't mapped. Now I've read the guide as to how to edit these skins and got it working with the exception that I have to lock my custom SPR file in order to prevent the Web player plugin from overwriting it. This occurs on both Mac and Windows. Which is a bit clumsy because it still downloads about 1mb of the official file after connecting each time (but just can't save it) which adds a small but irritating delay to the process.


                                          So I wondered if it was possible to work directly with the SkyHD.spr file and if you had any pointers? My email address is ovcollyer at mac.com if you are able to assist.



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                                              alanrichey42 Master



                                              Yes, I saw your other posting.  I don't know how to PM either     But it does no harm to discuss things like this in the open forum so other people can learn.


                                              I don't know why the Slingplayer insists on trying to download the new SPR even though one exists.  I can only assume it sees your SPR file and decides it is out of date and needs updating.  So it downloads the new version but then is stopped from overwriting yours because you have it set to 'read-only'.   So without knowing what check it does that makes it think yours is out of date I don't see a solution.  I guess you could try date stampling it for a future date ?


                                              I'm afraid working with the official SPR file is a non-starter.  In the early days of Sling Media when they were a small, friendly company, everything was open-source and we were allowed, even encourages, to tweak things and help improve the product.   But then they went all 'corporate' and started encrypting the stream and encrypting the data files.   So, while the official SPR file is still a basic ZIP file, they have added another level of encryption to it to stop people accessing it.  So not only is it not possible to play with it, but even if you figured out the method I suspect Sling would view it as some sort of copyright violation.


                                              On the other hand, I think we should thank them for at least allowing us to continue to use the older, unecrypted SPR files so we can some level of customisation to our systems. 

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                                                  OvCollyer Apprentice

                                                  Thanks for the info, Alan, I'll stop barking up that tree then


                                                  It's a shame, I'd have thought they'd want to encourage the open source aspect - I'd have thought if anything the demand for Singboxes is less now than when they first started, because so many providers offer direct Web solutions for their programming which are generally pretty easy to access using VPN or proxy servers if necessary.


                                                  I guess they have their reasons though...