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    Can't connect Slingbox to Uverse Mototola VIP1200 STB using the ethernet port


      AT&T Uverse just got installed and the tech stated that he did not need to put the router inside my house like I wanted because every Uverse STB has a ethernet network connection. He said just connect the ethernet cord from the Slingbox to the network port on the STB and I am wired into my network.

      I have attempted this, however, it will not work. I am getting the error that my Slingbox cannot be located.

      I read though the other posts and found this:

      Decide which Motorola STB or DVR  you want to use for the tv signal to the Slingbox.  Place the Slingbox  in that location and connect via component cables and L/R audio cables  from the Motorola STB or DVR to the Slingbox.  Plug the IR remote wire  into the Slingbox and place the sensors on the front top and bottom of  the Motorola STB or DVR.  Now, you need to get the signal from the  Slingbox to the U-Verse RG located in your garage.  You need a wired  solution for that.  Unless there is another wire in your house for that,  you will need a SlingLink Turbo.  Plug one unit of the SlingLink Turbo  into your Slingbox and an empty wall electrical outlet.  Plug the other  SlingLink Turbo into your U-Verse RG and an empty wall electrical  circuit.  I don't know why you would balk at the SlingLink Turbo.  It's  inexpensive and works.


      Now,  all that said, if your Motorola STB or DVR has an ethernet port, it's  possible you could plug the Slingbox into that ethernet port to send the  signal back to the U-Verse RG.  I am doing that with my Roku, but I  have a U-Verse Cisco IPN-4320 DVR.  I don't know if the Motorola box has  the ethernet port and if it's active.  Give it a try.


      The last paragraph states what I thought I would be able to do. Is it possible to hookup Slingbox in this manner or do I need to get a Slinglink or have AT&T come back out and move my router to inside my house near my TV?


      Thanks in advance for your help.