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    Slingbox Pro:  How to update IP info shown on Support page?


      Do any one know how to change our Slingbox Public IP information stored or remembered on the Slingbox.com under Support Tab?


      I do not have static IP addres and my Public IP will change every time when my router power off or restart.  It was assigned by my cable carrier.


      ======= My Slingbox example ==========


      Slingbox Info


      Slingbox Name: My Slingbox

      Slingbox ID: CA9DC4A....................................

      Slingbox Software Version: 1.4.20


      Internet Viewing


      Set Up Complete: Yes

      Slingbox Public IP Address: <<< This is not my current IP

      Slingbox Private IP Address:

      Slingbox Port: 5001


      Slingbox Access Info


      Activation Date: 07-10-2008

      Date Last Accessed: 12-13-2011