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    Android no longer works.


      Purchased and loaded SlingBox for Android on to my Samsung Galaxy S2. Was able to connect and watch (some stuttering, but acceptable over Wi-Fi). Streaming over 3/4G (cell network) was too slow. I have probably one of the last original SlingBox still in use. I use it with a laptop (ThinkPad 600x). So we have had years of acceptable use. I did read that the Android version may NOT work with this "heritage" hardware, but it did.


      Now it doesn't. Iget a "Connection failed. Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the internet." error message. Since I believe I also downloaded an "Update" for my Android SlingBox software, I believe this may had a detrimental effect.


      So one of two solutions. Can I get a copy of the "older" Android software or suggestions how to access it. Remember everything was working last week. It still does on the laptop and other computers. It no longer works on the Samsung.