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    Slingbox to VCR


      I haven't had my Slingbox working since the digital change over.  I now have a new small digital tv to use.   I connected it back up to the PanasonicVCR.  The video came through and I found a code that worked....well enough anyway.  I have read where others have their slingbox hooked up to a VCR.  I cannot get the digital channels no nothing past channel 25.  I have a DVD player, but it does not have a Coax input, so tried hooking that up various ways and don't get a signal.  I see Magnavox has a VCR/DVD player that is for sale now.  I am wondering if I need to buy something like that, but that probably doesn't have a Coax cable input either.  Or,how do I change what I am doing to use the VCR or DVD that I have.  I haven't understood a movie since Slingbox quit working.  I like watching them on my laptop with earbuds.   Hope someone can help.

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          Hello starbright57,


          I noticed that you are not receiving any digital channels above 25. Some of the channels that you receive from the TV provider are encrypted, for that reason you will need a cable box to get this channels. Since you are using a VCR this might be the problem.


          Keep in mind that we have available the Slingbox PRO-HD, which was a built in digital tuner. With this Slingbox, you will be able to scan the digital channels and watch them without any problems.


          I hope this helps!