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    Cable Box Remote not loading on Imac


      I  set up Singcox viewing sucessfully on all my Windows computers on the wireless network however the cablebox remote does not complete loading on our Imac. new Apple was downloaded, I see the TV but the remote menu seems be stuck on say "loading", when I click on  it nothing happend. Any thoughts?

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          Hi ldantonio,


          We need to get more details about the issue that you are experiencing. Unfortunately, your post is not clear enough and we need to know if you are using Watch at slingbox.com to connect to your Slingbox using the iMac or if you downloaded the SlingPlayer desktop version, if this is the case, I recommend you to run the Setup Assistant and confirm that the brand and the model of the Set-top box is correct.


          If you have this issue using Watch.slingbox.com, just run at the Slingbox location the Setup at slingbox.com and select the configure video inputs option, there you will be able to test the remote control again.