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    How do I connect coaxial with a 2 receiver Dish 622


      Just setup my slingbox today ... no issues with the component video cables and the Dish 622 DVR.


      Problem came with connecting the coaxial cables.


      The coaxial from the satellite dish comes out of the wall and then splits and is connected to Dish #1 and Dish #2 on the back of the DVR.  Then there is coaxial cable out of the DVR to the "Home Wiring" ...  this feeds the Dish #2 signal out to other TVs in the home, controlled with a second DVR controller and using a separate tuner internal to the DVR.


      First, I tried taking the Home Wiring coaxial out of the DVR into SB, the outputting the SB coaxial back into the home wiring.  The SB would not detect a signal.


      Next, I tried taking the coaxial from the dish straight into the SB, the out of the SB to the splitter ... in that configuration the DVR said no signal available.


      What is the right way to do this ??


      Also, what upload speed will I need to get HD ... will 1.5 MBps handle it, I am running in the 700 kBps range right now ??