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    Slingplayer for google tv or apple tv?


      I have a logitech revue and enjoy watching tv on it. i mostly use fo the app "Hbo Go". I have a mobile slingplayer app on my phone and on my tablet. i know that there is the mobile and tablet platform for both android and apple. Is there or will there soon be a slingplayer application for tv supported devices? this makes a ton of sense considering not everyone has a satellite receiver or cable box hooked up to all their tv's.....

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          callanish Apprentice

          Totally agree. Considering there's been a working video released way back in January by sling of the slingplayer running under Google TV, I'd have thought that slingmedia would have a working version out after the honeycomb 3.1 update. Boxee got theirs, so why the hold up for the Google TV version?


          I signed up for the beta trial, but never received anything from sling.

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            I tried using sling player for connected devices with my sony google tv today, but it told me that my slingbox wasn't supported (vip922).  This is strange since the sling players for my android phone, iPad, android tablet and pc work fine with it.  Is there a technical reason why Sony  google tv can't work with the new sling player for connected devices?