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    Download an older version of the plugin


      Hi all,


      I'm using a ProHD with my OSX system. While I've never had really any problem (altough I regret the abandon of the Mac desktop client), since I've upgraded to the latest version of the internet plugin the stream constantly freezes or disconnect...

      It's not a problem of the ProHD since my streaming is perfect from my iPhone or iPad.


      I would like to revert to the penultimate version of the plugin butcan't find any download link. By any chance, anyone has the installer on its system and willing to post it somewhere on the net ? Or better, Sling guys could let us access an historial of the plugin ?



      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          cjiwa Newbie

          I prefer the previous plugin as well and have a copy of the installer, however, when I installed it and restarted Safari, the Slingbox plugin insists that I update to the newer version before I am able to watch my Slingbox.

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              Maybe using Little Snitch it will be possible to block the update check and keep using this version... If you can send it to me, I'll be glad to try it and report any result.

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                  I've been able to download the from the internet.

                  As previously commented, when launching the stream we are prompted to update the plugin.


                  I've tried to block the update check request wth Little Snitch but doing so results in the interface blocked at "initializing..."

                  I've also tried to edit the plugin plist file to make it looks like the newest version but that doesn't do the trick either, it keeps asking for update...


                  I don't know what else we can do, any idea is more thn welcome !


                  To the Sling guys: Maybe you could update your plugin again so our slingboxes could work as they were before... It really bother me when an update is actually worse than before (especially when it worked fine and you FORCE us to upgrade !)