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    SB on an HD tv with no HD tuner?


      I have an older HDtv that does not have an HD tuner. We cut the cable company out and use OTA which works great on a tv with an HD tuner in our home. The feed is pushed to the older tv area with a great signal strength. I was hoping that the HD Tuner within the Slingbox Pro HD would pass through to the tv without the HD Tuner. I've been able to scan and access the digital channels (including the HD channels) with Slingplayer on my mac but can not get our older tv to see the channels the Slingbox Pro HD is picking up and obviously broadcasting to my computer. I've scanned on the TV for channels after getting the Slingbox Pro HD set up. I have the antenna coming into the coax connection and I've tried using the coax out as well as component out to feed the older HD capable tv.


      Does Slingbox Pro HD act as an HD tuner for HD capable tvs without an HD tuner?


      Thanks for any support you're able to provide.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          The SB Pro HD does have an HD tuner, but AFAIK it only sends the signals that its tuner interprets out over the Ethernet connection to the Internet stream that you watch with your computer.   The TV connection from the SB to the local TV is merely a direct pass-through of what the SB is receiving on its input side, without any "interpretation" by the SB.  In other words, what the TV would see on the output TV connector side of the SB is exactly the same as if the TV were connected directly to your TV signal input source, without the SB in the mix.