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    Slingbox Pro-HD - 2 of 96 digital channels play back in slow motion


      I have a new Slingbox Pro HD and with a direct digital cable connection (without a cable box), 2 of my 96 channels play back in slow motion (audio and video). This is not jittered playback. It is very smooth slow motion playback with very deep, low pitched, voices. The other 94 channels play perfectly fine. One of the two problematic channels is CNN. When CNN programming is playing, I get the slow motion playback, but when a local commercial is dropped in by the cable system, it plays at the proper speed, the when CCN programming returns, the slow motion playback starts again. I have connected the same cable to a TV with no problem.


      As a hint to SlingMedia engineers, the buffer in slingplayer is filling much faster than the playback position indicator is moving. I can find no option in the software to tell the playback speed to run faster. This also happens with playback from the SlingMedia web-based player.


      One of your engineers could easily log into my Slingbox HD Pro to verify what I am seeing. If you would like to do that, let me know and we will work out an exchange of information.

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          I spoke with slingmedia support today regarding this issue. The agent connected to my computer and he verified the problem. There is no fix or workaround. He finally agreed to forward a request for a fix to engineering, but he advised me not to expect any result. He furthermore told me not to expect the digital tuner in the slingbox to work like a digital TV tuner. What? Is it a digital radio tuner? I am guessing what he wanted to say was that I shouldn't expect the tuner to work properly.